I presently build two types of classic guitars:

Contemporary: I use new materials provided by the modern industry such as carbon fiber, adhesives and high pressure laminates in order to build a malleable instrument. The best sound and volume projection is produced by these guitars. Both the Australian model inspired in luthier Greg Smallman’s design and the Humphrey model provide instruments with specific features that produce a large open sound with good projection.

Traditional Spanish: A soundboard with a traditional range Spruce based on the builders Jose Ramirez III, Robert Bouchet, Daniel Frieredich, etc. Bent bass bar in order to reach good high tunes, Spanish sound and full notes.

Other instruments:
Early romantic guitars:
Renè Lacote’s romantic model guitar , light with a good flow and full notes.

Flamenco guitar:
there is a variety of them to accompany singing or dancing (just on request).

Multi-strings Guitars:
just by ordering, I build the same models of classic guitar with 8 and 10 strings.

six order and thirteen order French- style on demand.

Arch luthiery:
building, restoration, tuning and varnish restoration on violins, violas and violoncellos.

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