Paula Lazzarini. Argentinian Luthiér. I am currently living in Buenos Aires where I devote my entire working-day to building classic guitars, Early romantic guitars, flamenco guitars and contemporary guitars.

I finished my Master in Restoration and conservation of works of art and heritage at Universidad de San Martín, Buenos Aires. As teacher I have been working at Universidad del Museo Social de Buenos Aires since 2007 where I teach the subject Restoration of wood II. Teaching and luthiery are activities I am fully dedicated to with great passion and enthusiasm.

Also, among other activities, I attended guitar lessons at Escuela Superior de Música José Lo Giudice in the province of Salta and I took private lessons as well. I started Luthiery of guitar with teacher Ricardo Louzao who has motivated me to build instruments and to search a proper sound and style.

Since then, I have met, attended courses and exchanged points of view with different teachers of luthiery who all gave me the appropriate knowledge and taught me to respect musical instruments.

They are: Ricardo Macedo and Laura Reynoso ( Bueno Aires), Rodolfo Cuculelli (Alessandria), Claudio Amighetti (Cremona) and the teacher Daniel Friederich (Paris).

(Taken from : Francísco Herrera, Encyclopedia of the Guitar. Supplement 2011. Piles, Isbn 8495026791)

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