Musical instruments sometimes are able to come alive and to make us feel the music and their sounds to the deepest parts of our souls and so are single objects that can give us back the absent. They are just the magic that brings back the memory of a place, a caress or a dream.

These musical instruments as such are the bearers of values not only of the time they were conceived but also of a history, a technology, a culture, an aesthetic or artistic line that left their imprint on us until our days. It is a real challenge for Luthiers when they set out to build an instrument. We are eager to apply all our knowledge and passion. Along the way of luthiery, this is my proposal and personal view on sound and musical instruments.

I live in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I have been working as luthiér since 2003, building concert classic guitars. Since I was a child, in fact,

I have been fond of music, and especially the sound of the guitar. After attending several classes at the Conservatory, I started repairing musical instruments and then building classic guitars guided by Ricardo Louzao who has taught me a lot of the Art of Luthiery.

I have been part of many exhibitions of guitar-building carried out in Buenos Aires and in many other cities of Argentina, and also I worked in the organization of the luthiery exhibition in the “Festival Guitarras del Mundo”.

I provide counseling to institutions and private customers about transfer, packaging and conservation of musical instruments. Restorations and tuning of instruments. Documents.

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